recent work


“When Grimm received a scholarship, through Bard College, to study in the south of France at the Lacoste School of Art in 1997, he unknowingly set himself on the path toward a fresh acquaintance with ancient images worked into and upon limestone walls. While studying the 30,000 B.C. art of the Chauvet Cave and other sites of cave art in the context of seeking the well springs of artistic motivation, Grimm began working with the images

As departures from Grimm’s customary devotion to abstraction, the pieces capture mesmerizingly magical qualities of the ‘discovered’ ancient cave art of uncertain origin which continue to enthrall us so many thousands of years after their creation”

Gary Alexander, New Art International 2004

“We lived more spiritually connected to wildlife once. We considered our own behavior while observing theirs. In time, we began to give power to thoughts of the human condition by developing symbolism to describe our feelings of vulnerability, love, compassion – thereby evolving “the arts”.

Calvin Grimm , New Art International, 2004